Doctor’s Program

Doctor’s Program

MBBS Doctors from India to Germany for Post-graduation Course (M.D)

The Bildungsacademy is responsible for the initial phase of the process, i.e., collection of the required documents and Visa application for the eligible candidates. The Ideal job Space GbR, Germany shall arrange the Documents from Germany required for the Visa Application – Hospitationsvertrag (Hospitation contract) and Invitation for the C1-FSP course. The whole document processing in India will be the responsibility of Bildungsacademy, Ernakulam and Thiruvalla. Once the candidate arrives in Germany, Ideal Job Space will assist them with the further proceedings.

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    1. Checklist of needed documents.
    2. Template Motivation Letter.
    3. CV template

    Process in India:
    1. Candidate submits the documents to the Bildungsacademy. The Bildungsacademy checks and sends the documents to the Ideal Job Space GbR. The Ideal Job Space GbR evaluates the documents and decide if the candidates are eligible for a post-graduation course in Germany.
    2. The Bildungsacademy shall arrange the translated copies of the required documents from a certified institution. The Bildungsacademy coordinates this process with the candidates. 2. Learn language A1 to B2 at the Bildungsacademy. The visa process shall be carried out by the Bildundsacademy.
    3. The Bildungsacademy shall forward the documents of the candidates who passed B2 German language Exam as mentioned above.
    4. The Ideal Job Space GbR will assist the candidate to apply for the FSP exam from India. We suggest this as the appointment process takes several months.
    5. The Ideal Jobs Space shall arrange a Hospitationsvertrag (Hospitation Contract) in an affiliated department in a German Hospital and a C1-FSP Course at a partner institute in Germany.
    6. The Bildungsacademy shall apply for the Visa for the candidates (16 D) with the above-mentioned documents.

    Process in Germany
    1. Language level C1-Medicine, FSP Vorbereitungskurs (Preparation course) at a partner institute in Germany.
    2. Assistance to arrange an accommodation shall be provided.
    3. Hospitation in an affiliated department in a German Hospital.
    4. The Hospitation as well as the Visa shall be extended till FSP Exam Appointment.
    5. Upon successful passing of the FSP, a placement in a hospital as an Assistant- Arzt (Licensed doctor who reports to a chief doctor, with full salary according to the German tariff law) (on temporary license) The salary shall be organised by the Ideal Job Space GbR Germany. Here ends the responsibility of the Ideal Job Space GbR Germany.
    6. The candidates shall apply independently for an Approbation Exam when he/she feels confident enough. Upon earning the Approbation, the candidates will be Assistenzarzt in Weiterbildung (PG Course)

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