Doctor’s Program

Doctor’s Program

Kickstarting your Doctors program in Germany requires not only effective academic excellence but also a firm dedication to the rigorous journey ahead. With a degree direction spanning six years, aspiring medical doctors navigate a comprehensive curriculum, culminating in the German Medical Licencing Examination. Securing a coveted position in the scientific faculty entails surpassing stringent entrance standards, including an excessive Numerus clause and proficiency in the German language. Yet, for those pushed through a passion to alleviate suffering and make a tangible difference in healthcare, the challenges are a testament to the profession’s esteemed reputation in Germany.

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    1. Gather essential documents including a checklist, a template motivation letter, and a CV template.

    Process in India:

    1. Submit documents to Bildungsacademy for evaluation by Ideal Job Space GbR.
    2. Coordinate document translation and language learning up to the B2 level.
    3. Forward documents of B2-level candidates.
    4. Assistance in FSP exam application.
    5. Arrange Hospitationsvertrag and C1-FSP Course.
    6. Visa application (16 D) through Bildungsacademy.

    Process in Germany:

    1. Attend C1-Medicine language course and FSP Preparation.
    2. Assistance in accommodation arrangements.
    3. Hospitation in a German Hospital department.
    4. Visa extension till FSP Exam.
    5. Placement as an Assistant-Arzt upon FSP success, with salary managed by Ideal Job Space GbR.
    6. Independent application for approval exam leading to Assistenzarzt in Weiterbildung (PG Course).

    For individuals looking to transition from MBBS in India to put-up-commencement guides in Germany, established software gives a pathway toward specialization. Facilitated through groups just like the Bildungsacademy and Ideal Job Space GbR, this software streamlines the complex procedures of documentation, language proficiency, and exam practice. From preliminary document submission to the eventual placement as an Assistant Arzt, applicants acquire complete assistance both in India and Germany. The culmination of this Doctors program in Germany journey is not just about reaching a medical license; it is about embracing a vocation committed to healing and providing. 


    Are you ready to take the next step in the direction of your scientific aspirations? Start your Doctors program in Germany journey with us nowadays.

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